During Booking Stage & Prior to Departure...

Once a booking has been requested, a confirmation voucher will be issued and sent to you. Please check this against your travel documents that all the details are correct - including your address, phone number, flight dates & times. If there are any incorrect details or if any details change prior to your departure, please advise immediately.

We recommend that you contact us a minimum of 24 hours prior to departure to reconfirm your outbound journey.

Whilst you're away / Return Collection Information

It is your responsibility to advise if the scheduled return flight has been missed or if the flight number has been changed to what is shown on your confirmation voucher. Failure to do so may incur additional expense to return home as we may have already driven to the airport & waited for the return flight.

We aim to arrive at the airport within 30 minutes of the arrival time of your inbound flight (to allow for baggage collection & custom clearance), if your flight arrives unexpectedly early you may experience a small wait.

It is our responsibility to check with the airport to see if your flight is delayed and reschedule your collection time accordingly. When delays do occur, you may have to wait until we are available to collect you due to previous commitments, however we will try our utmost to minimise your inconvenience.